No interview required!       Application fee reduced by 50%         Easy, Saves $$ & Time

Immediate Family Membership Opportunity – Easy, Saves $$ & Time

The Prairie Club wants you!! And not only you, but your spouse, domestic partner, children 16 and older, brothers, sisters, & parents too. We need and want members who will share the goals and aspirations of our very special club and who want to enjoy our exceptional facilities!

Make it easy for the rest of the family who have been planning to join but just haven’t gotten around to getting all the paperwork done.  One referring family member and only one sponsor are needed.  Just complete the “Immediate Family” application form below for each individual (feel to make additional copies) and submit with payment of $150 ($25 reduced application fee and $125 dues) to the club office.

Publication in the Bulletin and approval by Prairie Club Board are required prior to becoming a member.

Valid the months of June, July, August 2022

We are confident that in keeping with the Prairie Club spirit, no member seeks to avoid the payment of membership dues, by other eligible family members who use club facilities, by acquiring membership for only one family member.

The Immediate Family Application will be offered every three years for three months in June, July, and August.  The next family membership drive will be in 2025.