Dear Prairie Club Community, 

We of the Hazelhurst Conservation Committee address this to all Prairie Club members and their families who enjoy Hazelhurst camp. We include all members over 18, all family of site holders, season pass holders, etc. The mission of the Club in “creating and maintaining camps” involves many people in addition to site holders.

Much has been accomplished since we surveyed you in 2020. We completed the Ecological Rehabilitation Management Plan for Three Natural Areas at Camp Hazelhurst. Thanks in large part to Randy Ball’s efforts and your generous assistance, our volunteers have rehabilitated roughly 5 acres of our beloved camp. We launched an “Adopt a Natural Area” program and several volunteers have stepped up to steward various areas of the camp. We hope to expand the program this year. We have received well over $6,000 in donations to the Hazelhurst conservation Improvement Fund to be used in hiring contractors (and goats) to accelerate our conservation efforts. Soon you will see work being done in the area between Dune Road and the Beach Bathroom. This area is heavily degraded with invasive plants and shrubs. It will ultimately be a site that demonstrates what such an area can and should look like once it has been rehabilitated.

Thank you for your help and support! Now we are surveying you again to see how your attitudes towards conservation may have changed in the past 2 years. Please click the link below and take the survey. It will take less than 5 minutes and the results will be very helpful to us.

Additionally, please always feel free to email me or call me with your thoughts about conservation of Camp Hazelhurst’s natural areas, and of course your offers to volunteer “time, talents and treasure” to the cause. ph: 847-962-2768 email:

Many thanks in advance!

Sharon Lemler, for the Hazelhurst Conservation Committee

The link to the survey is: