Membership in the Club brings with it the following privileges:

*  Receipt of “The Bulletin,” the official Club newsletter which keeps members abreast of business, activities, and events.  A membership directory is issued upon request.  And, if you have an email account, you’ll also receive frequent updates on items of interest to all members.

*  Participation in the Club’s conservation activities which include membership in, and support of, major conservation organizations, hands-on habitat restoration for the benefit of native plants and animals, and presenting educational nature programs.

*  Participation in the activities planned by the Activities Committee which sponsors weekend walks in and around Chicago and trips to more distant sites.

*  Access to Spring Grove Camp in McHenry County, Illinois, our 24-acre property along the Nippersink Creek, which features a private pond.  The lodge and campgrounds are available for a fee and rental.  Swimming, canoeing, evening campfires, tenting, and social activities are on the agenda, many of them year-round.

*  Access to Hazelhurst Camp in Harbert, Michigan, our 59-acre, wooded property along Lake Michigan.  Facilities available to Club members for rental are the Farm House, Ravinia-Windsong, and Buena Vista.  Swimming, tennis, and cultural events are scheduled during the summer. ****Hazelhurst is not funded by Prairie Club member dues.  As such, general Prairie Club member access to Hazelhurst is limited during the peak season (June, July, and August) to one calendar day per month for personal activities and use (e.g. going to the beach, use of the beach facilities – kayaks, paddleboards, campfire area and grills, bathrooms – using the tennis courts, playground, basketball courts, and Junior Clubhouse, use of the dog path for walking your dog on the beach, using the Legacy Pavilion, Red Barn, Library, or any other Hazelhurst facility on your own schedule)

This limited access does not apply to:

  • A Prairie Club Hazelhurst Siteholder,
  • An immediate family member of a Siteholder,
  • A guest physically residing or visiting with a Siteholder,
  • A member who is renting a cottage in Camp, or renting a room or other space in any Club owned building,
  • A current Seasonpass holder,
  • An immediate family member of a current Seasonpass holder,
  • A guest physically residing with a current Seasonpass holder (guest must be accompanied by pass holder at all times while in camp)
  • PC members attending a scheduled, published event in camp (e.g., Monday Coffee, Red Barn entertainments, an all-camp activity, a pickleball tourney, a conservation work session)

Membership in the Club also brings certain responsibilities.  This organization gets its energy directly from members’ voluntary participation in any of several venues.  You can make your individual contribution to the Club’s effectiveness by working on various committees and task forces, or by volunteering at events and other Club-sponsored gatherings.  Such contributions of time and/or creativity are greatly appreciated and are counted upon to fulfill the Club’s living legacy of providing outdoor recreation opportunities for its members within the context of our historically strong conservation ethic.

If you wish to apply for membership in the Prairie Club and are not acquainted with members who can be your sponsors, you may participate as a guest at some of our events.  This will enable you to meet other members who can sponsor you, and provide you with the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the nature of our organization.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Club office.

Prairie Club Main Office

12 E. Willow St., Unit A

Lombard, IL 60148