The Prairie Club welcomes the membership all those who are interested in our ideals, goals and activities.

Active Membership

Active Membership is an individual membership in the Club.  An Active Member may use Club facilities and participate in Club activities, receive copies of “The Bulletin,” lease Club property, vote in Club elections, hold office or committee Chairmanship, and sponsor new members for membership.  The minimum age for individual membership is 16 years of age.

How to Apply for Membership

  • The applicant must know two Active or Honorary Life Members for at least 6 months.  Sponsors, who must be active members of the Club for at least 1 year, should assist the applicant and introduce the applicant to one member of the Membership Committee for an interview if possible.   
  • Not more than one person in a family may sponsor the same applicant. 
  • No relative of the applicant may act as a sponsor or Membership Committee interviewer.
  • Each sponsor is to fill out the appropriate sections of the forms.
  • The Entrance Fee is $50.00 per person, and Dues for Active Members are $130.00 per person, for a total of $180.00.  Please make your check payable to The Prairie Club.  All eligible family members need to join if they will also be using and enjoying our Hazelhurst and Spring Grove Camps!
  • Mail the completed application with the entrance fee, dues, and sponsor forms to the Club office at the above address.

Approval Notification

Upon receiving your application, the Membership Committee Chair will review the application and sponsor forms and will contact you for an interview. Your name will be published in a forthcoming Club “Bulletin” and then submitted to the Prairie Club Board for final approval. Upon Board approval, you will receive notification from the Club office. Once you have received notification from the club of your approval, you are considered an active member and may enjoy all benefits of active membership.

“We are confident that in keeping with The Prairie Club Spirit, no member seeks to avoid the payment of membership dues, by other eligible family members who use Club facilities, by acquiring membership for only one family member”